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As manufacturers, suppliers or clients we shape the future of Tensile structures on a daily basis. As diverse membrane structures are constructed and new fabrics developed, there is an increasing confidence in the structural capacity and longevity of architectural fabrics as building materials. Amazing and inspiringly beautiful buildings are built year by year. World class sporting stadiums, Olympic games venues, entire airports and railway stations, huge shopping malls, in locations never before imagined – in deserts or on snow, on rooftops 50 storeys high, in the wet tropics. So it is with such benchmarks we drive the growth and adaptability of Tensile structures to so many areas of daily life. Steel frameworks and quality stainless steel fittings such as turnbuckles and shackles enhance the aesthetics of these structures. Tensile structures are available in various fabric types ranging from high performance teflon-coated fibreglass to more price conscious laminated materials and meshes.

Tensile Architect provides a full spectrum of services from design development, engineering expertise, construction documents, manufacturing and installation. We have gathered a team of designers, steel fabricators, painters, engineers, fabricators and project co-ordinators that can take the project from idea to completion stage within the one company. We are committed to achieving our client’s objectives in a Tensile structure whether it be uniqueness, high visibility, enhancing corporate identity, functionality, to allow patrons to sit in comfort or to screen or protect. Flexibility of design, advanced materials and streamlined processes allow to offer a complete approach.

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